About Us

Thinkin Blue is The Workers Online Career Network - a career network that connects blue-collar and service workers to each other, educational and skills develop opportunities, new jobs and to companies that help them work and live.


Member Features

Our mission is to provide non-professional workers a full set of career & social network features to support them through every step of their career. 


Business Services

Thinkin Blue brings together the clients you want to reach your customers in both the B2B and B2C markets. Looking to hire? Need to market and sell your products? Want to provide skills training to your employees? Thinkin Blue has a diverse set of options to help you meet your business needs. 


About the Team

Our team has just the right mix of blue-collar, technical, online community and startup experience. 



Thinkin Blue is #hiring. We are looking for part-time and contract community managers, writers and brand ambassadors. If you or someone you know is passionate about their Work in the blue-collar, essential and service sectors and is looking for a side gig, please email us